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Daleville Road Rehabilitation

tr11483In case you haven’t noticed, construction of the Daleville Road Rehabilitation project has begun. The contractor, Milestone Contractors LP, and their subcontractors, have started removing trees to make way for the new storm sewer, curb and gutter, and sidewalks.

Almost immediately, you will see the installation of silt fence in the yards on the south side of Daleville Road to keep soils from washing off of the project site and into yards and drainage ways. Starting around August 13, the contractor will begin installing the drainage structures and piping along the route. Concurrent with this you can expect to see excavation for new curb and gutter and new driveways, most likely beginning on the eastern end of the project.

If all goes according to plan, the new curb and gutter will be installed in late August and early September, followed by backfilling and grading for the new sidewalk, and installation of the new sidewalks from mid-September to early October.

In October you can expect to see construction of the new concrete and asphalt driveways and street approaches, plus roadway patching of the storm sewer trenches, placement of topsoil and sod adjacent to the new sidewalk, asphalt milling, and asphalt resurfacing along Daleville Road, followed by pavement striping in early November.

It will be necessary for the contractor to temporarily close portions of the roadway in order to complete the various components of the project. We realize that this will be a short term inconvenience to some but we think that the end result will be one that everyone can enjoy for many years to come.

If you have any questions or concerns about the construction, please contact:
Bill Walters at 765-713-7000 or Tom Roberts at 765-425-5280.


The Town of Daleville is located in Delaware County where I-69, Ind. 67 and Ind. 32 converge.


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