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Sneak Peek: Daleville Town Hall Park

The Daleville Town Hall Park is having final touches done before the grand opening in two weeks.

The park features a performance pavilion, two playground sets and a large splash pad.

Photos by Corey Ohlenkamp at The Star Press

  1. I heard all public is invited to your town park and splash pad at no charge. You really should charge a fee. There has to be a cost to run it, plus upkeep. Also with it open to all public, you will get bombarded by Muncie, Yorktown,Chesterfield, and Anderson people. If you charge a small fee you will be more likely to get people there who are more conscientious about taking care of the facilities too. It is a wonderful idea and I wish you much success with it.

    • Ms. Blair, You do not need to make money off of everything!

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