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Want to Hear More About Mounds Greenway?

walkingInvite a speaker to come to your next event. We’ll be glad to talk about the inspiration for the Mounds Greenway and its impact on the conservation of the White River’s west fork corridor, the connectivity between trail towns and other trails, and the economic activities that trails can spur. Hoosier Environmental Council wants to have the broadest engagement possible on the topic of the Mounds Greenway. As we pursue the various elements of planning and design of the greenway, it is critical that we have an active give-and-take among all the various stakeholders in east central Indiana. So, let us know what you need. We’d love to help and talk about the greenway with your group. To discuss your next event and invite an HEC speaker, contact Amanda Shepherd at ashepherd@hecweb.org.

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Mounds Greenway Economic Impact Study Underway!

We are pleased to announce the commissioning of an Economic, Health and Environmental Impact Study of the proposed Mounds Greenway. Thanks to a generous grant from the George and Frances Ball Foundation, HEC has hired a consulting firm, Alta Planning + Design, to conduct this important study! Specializing in “trails, Complete Streets, parks and open spaces, GIS modeling, encouragement activities, healthy communities policies, bike share programs, and much more”, Alta Planning + Design has the expertise needed to help make the Mounds Greenway a real success, and a true asset to the communities of Anderson, Chesterfield, Daleville, Yorktown and Muncie. The study is underway, starting with a December site visit to communities in Madison and Delaware Counties. Recent press on the greenway can be found at the first link above and here.

Look at the Trails & Greenways Movement Nationwide!

If you read transportation or outdoor recreation news – or if you travel a lot – you have probably seen increasing presence of trails in both. They’re not new ideas, but they’ve gathered a renewed head of steam in the last decade. You’ll find the details of why in landscape architecture publications or conferences where governors meet. But on the ground, you can see why communities love them, and the way they help shape the communities in which they live, work and play. We’ve gathered a collection of stories and profiles on trails around the country. If you’re looking for travel ideas or just want to get a sense of what makes a great trail click, take a look at these examples.

newspaperWhich one speaks to you most when it comes to the Mounds Greenway? We posed that question on Facebook and it proved a difficult one to answer. One of our staffers attempted to pick just one in a blog post and fared about as well as one could expect.

Twenty-two organizations and six businesses support the Mounds Greenway. If your organization or business would like to help move this outstanding project forward by endorsing the Greenway, please contact Michael Popa at mpopa@hecweb.org.

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