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14th Annual Daleville Father/Daughter Dance – April 25th

The Daleville Father/Daughter Dance Presents Its’ 14th Annual Dance

(Proceeds to the Jeff Roberts Memorial Scholarship Fund)

This dance is for ALL ages! Don’t forget to buy your tickets! The dance is Saturday, April 25th, from 7-9:00pm at the Elementary Gym. Tickets cost $10 per couple or family. What to wear? We will have a wide range of attire from suits; to casual for the men and Easter type dresses to casual for the girls. What you wear is not near as important as the date you bring to the event!! Please buy your tickets in advance so we have an idea on how many will be attending! (By the way ….I don’t dance either!) We have arranged for an inexpensive picture to be taken at the dance (you will be welcome to buy as much as you please). Please remember to bring a dessert (If you forget that’s ok too!)

Tickets are also being sold at Wilson Furniture on Commerce Road, First Merchants Bank, Daleville Town Hall, and at the Daleville Library. Finally, we need adult female volunteers to assist with decorating and serving, please! Call Tom Roberts, 425-5280 or Amy Roberts, 765-425-0036, for more information.

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The Town of Daleville is located in Delaware County where I-69, Ind. 67 and Ind. 32 converge.


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