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Mounds Lake – Environmental Review

“The Phase II Environmental Feasibility Study for the Mounds Lake project has been completed”, according to Rob Sparks, Executive Director of the Anderson Corporation for Economic Development (CED).

The primary focus of the Environmental Feasibility study procured by the CED, centers on concerns related to current and past land uses of property within and adjacent to the proposed lake footprint. “A number of questions about environmental concerns have been raised related to properties that make up the proposed Mounds Lake site. The current environmental review is an essential step to address these concerns,” stated Sparks. The purpose of the current effort is to identify sites in need of subsurface investigation and explore feasible remediation scenarios. In a future phase of the project subsurface investigation data will be used to determine what sites will need to be remediated for the project to advance.

Of the total 2,300 acre site studied, the environmental review indicates about 120 acres of commercial/industrial development within or near the proposed lake area may have a potential for subsurface contamination. According to Sparks, “great efforts have been taken to not stigmatize any single property in the study area. For this reason, we have addressed the properties as a group within the environmental report.”

“We approached this effort using the expert’s experience and best practices to determine potential impact and remediation cost,” Sparks said. According to the report performed by SESCO Group, Inc. of Indianapolis, “Based on available information, none of the identified sites present an environmental risk or remediation cost so great as to prohibit the Project from advancing to the next phase of development.” As part of the effort SESCO explored various remediation scenarios focusing on the amount of material that may have to be remediated. SESCO has estimated a potential remediation using available information of $35 million dollars. However, the scenarios are based on limited data collected to this point, so the cost could be higher or lower depending on what is found during discovery.

Sampling of an existing GM monitoring well network and a historic review of well data illustrates an overall decreasing trend in contaminant levels since 1996, to the point of non- detection in many areas. Additional investigation will be necessary later on in the project where gaps in the data may exist. According to Sparks, “preliminary conversations with representatives of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) concerning impact from the project on the environment have taken place.” Further remediation of a GM site with ongoing concerns, by USEPA is scheduled to begin late 2014 or early 2015.

“Imagine Mounds Lake” is a series of interactive visioning sessions which will give area residents an opportunity to provide feedback on the project, learn more about the Phase II Environmental Feasibility Study findings, and hear more about the future water needs in central Indiana. Sessions will be held August 19 through August 23 in Chesterfield, Daleville, Yorktown and Anderson, with the main exhibit located in Anderson’s Mounds Mall. The session schedule includes:

  • Anderson – August 19-22 @ Mounds Mall 10 am-9 pm
  • Anderson – August 23 @ Mounds Mall 11 am-7 pm
  • Chesterfield – August 19 @ Mill Creek Civic Center 2 – 8 pm
  • Daleville – August 20 @ Daleville City Offices 11 am-5 pm
  • Yorktown – August 21 @ Yorktown Town Court 11 am-5 pm

The Corporation for Economic Development of Anderson/Madison County is a 501c3 non- profit that was incorporated in 1983. Their mission is to plan and undertake activities leading to steady job growth, increasing economic diversity, and a strengthened employer base, which enhances the quality of life in Madison County, Indiana.

For more information about the proposed Mounds Lake, visit www.moundslake.com, or contact Rob Sparks at 765-642-1860 or at robsparks@cedanderson.com.

For recent updates on the Mounds Lake Project follow them on Twitter @MoundsLake.


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