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Mounds Lake – Enhancing Recreation

“Imagine Mounds Lake” addresses ways to enhance environment and improve recreation opportunities

ANDERSON, Ind. – If approved the proposed Mounds Lake project may impact the local environment and recreation areas. Potential environmental effects will addressed at the upcoming “Imagine Mounds Lake” community visioning sessions.

“In addition to providing a needed future water source, we are anticipating a number of ways to enhance the environment while providing recreation amenities to our citizens through the proposed Mounds Lake project,” said Rob Sparks, Executive Director of the Anderson/Madison County Corporation for Economic Development (CED).

According to Sparks, a considerable amount of mitigation would be needed in repairing or replacing affected park and recreational spaces. There are currently three potential sites under consideration where new park space could be added by the project.

“Though early in consideration, these sites would be the foundation of the Mounds Lake mitigation,” stated Sparks.

The three sites being considered are the Bronnenburg Campus, Killbuck Park, and Mallard Lake areas.

The 25-acre Madison County Bronnenberg Campus would be relocated and added to the Mounds State Park. “This site will greatly enhance the footprint of the Park, and future expansion options,” said Sparks, “With the addition of this site, it’s proposed that the visitors’ boat launch marina would be located within the Mounds Park.”

The Killbuck Park is being considered to replace the Rangeline Nature Preserve mountain biking park and trails.

“With mature trees and creek side setting, the Killbuck site will provide a variety of options in future development,” said Sparks, “Trails would connect to the west along the Killbuck Creek into the City of Anderson’s trail system.”

Creation of a trail head at Mallard Lake would constitute the third proposed site for consideration. Continuing northeast on the Killbuck valley, the Mounds Lake project would create a trail head at the Mallard Lake site transforming the once permitted, but never used, landfill site into a private farm and public park space with trail. “Bex Farms, Inc., is truly a community partner as we regionally plan the future,” commented Sparks. “I’m hopeful that, together, we will bring closure to this 30-year debate on the site with an outcome in the best interest of all.”

Trails connecting neighborhoods around the Lake from Anderson to Yorktown, and on to the Cardinal Greenway are also proposed. “Our hope would be to create an outdoor recreational space unmatched in this State,” said Sparks, “And we look forward to sharing this and other important information at the “Imagine Mounds Lake” sessions.

“Imagine Mounds Lake” is a series of interactive visioning sessions which will give area residents an opportunity to provide feedback on the project, learn more about the Phase II Environmental Feasibility Study findings, and hear more about the future water needs in central Indiana. Sessions will be held August 19 through August 23 in Chesterfield, Daleville, Yorktown and Anderson, with the main exhibit located in Anderson’s Mounds Mall. The session schedule includes:

  • Anderson – August 19-22 @ Mounds Mall 10 am-9 pm
  • Anderson – August 23 @ Mounds Mall 11 am-7 pm
  • Chesterfield – August 19 @ Mill Creek Civic Center 2 – 8 pm
  • Daleville – August 20 @ Daleville City Offices 11 am-5 pm
  • Yorktown – August 21 @ Yorktown Town Court 11 am-5 pm

The Corporation for Economic Development of Anderson/Madison County is a 501c3 non- profit that was incorporated in 1983. Their mission is to plan and undertake activities leading to steady job growth, increasing economic diversity, and a strengthened employer base, which enhances the quality of life in Madison County, Indiana.

For more information about the proposed Mounds Lake, visit www.moundslake.com, or contact Rob Sparks at 765-642-1860 or at robsparks@cedanderson.com.

For recent updates on the Mounds Lake Project follow them on Twitter @MoundsLake.


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