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July 8, 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2013

President Tom Roberts called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm. An invocation was given by Tom Roberts, followed with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present were Tom Roberts, Bill Walters, Jeff Shore, Jay Shellabarger and Joe Scott. Amy Roberts, Clerk-Treasurer, Leslie Mathewson, Attorney and Police Chief James King were also present.

Brad Bookout presented the resolution for the tax abatement for the Briner Shell Building. He offered to answer any questions about the tax abatement. Question was asked about what the abatement cost the town. Mr. Bookout broke down the abatement: Year 1-100% abatement, Year 2-95%, Year 3-80% and it continues to go down 5% every year for 10 years. The total estimate of the abatement is $252,000 over a 10 year period. Interest has been expressed in the building. Jeff Shore motioned to affirm the tax abatement resolution. Jay Shellabarger -2nd the motion. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Jay Shellabarger motioned to approve and waive the reading of the June minutes; Jeff Shore-2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas.


SANITATION: Joe Scott reported no problems.

Police: Chief King commented on the Activity Report which was e-mailed to all council members.
K-9 activity has increased. Citations are maintaining about the same 70-100 citations/month. Operation Christmas Fish Fry, Saturday July 14 – 3:30 to 7:00. Tickets can be purchased at the door. $6/child; $9/adult. Fish Fry being held at the Elementary School. Golf Outing on August 10; at Maplewood Golf Course at 8:00 am. All for Operation Christmas.

Water: Jeff Shore reported on the Water Board Meeting. The shut-off list was approved. Rate Study Agreement was approved. The cost will be $1,500 to $2,500 and up to $100 in expenses. Copy of the study was e-mailed to all council members and water board members. The study is to see where the water department is financially. Jeff Shore motioned to approve the rate study contract. Jay Shellabarger 2nd the motion. Bill Walters questioned where the funds were coming from. Jeff Shore responded it would come out of the Water Department. The cost is a one-time cost. The motion carried with 5 yeas.

Streets & Garage: New backhoe has been delivered. Storm water line replacement has began. Work has began on Sargent Street that wasn’t finished last year, John Street and Berry Street will be going in. Brad is working on the cleaning and mowing of properties. Parking signs have been placed.

Parks: No issues with the park. Jay met with DNR to get the area cleaned up by the river. He will have to go to Indianapolis to meet with DNR down there. Shelter house agreement has no fees attached. Jeff Shore mentioned that Muncie charges $45. Jay commented that the park has been there 35 years. Donations are accepted.

Planning & Zoning: Joe Scott reported there were no issues. The old Ross building was discussed.

Clerk: Jeff Shore motioned to accept & pay the claim docket, 2nd by Jay Shellabarger. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Daleville: New Tomorrow – Update:
President Roberts reported on the downtown revitalization suggestions. The downtown area is: 2nd Street to Washington; St. Rd. 32 from the 69 Exit to Tennessee Street. The board identified the area as a project. Resolution 2013-07 includes the project aspirations: Street Lights, Sidewalks, Gateways, Planters. Tom Roberts is in charge of planters. His committee consists of: Lisa Nixon, Annette Grim, Amy Roberts, Chris Nixon, Shirley Owen. Jay Shellabarger is in charge of sidewalks. His committee consists of: Jeff York, Butch Hodson. The committee has met and set priorities. Bill Walters is in charge of clean-up. His committee consists of: Jennifer Volk & Amy Spradlin. They will be meeting Thursday evening at 7 pm. Jeff Shore is in charge of street lights. His committee consists of : Mike Murphy, Jerry Anderson, Leanne Shore. Joe Scott is in charge of gateway. His committee consists of: Jon Ballard & Joanne McKinney. President Roberts offered to the patrons present to join a committee if they are interested.

Jay Shellabarger motioned to approve Resolution 2013-07; Daleville New Tomorrow Downtown District Project. Bill Walters 2nd the motion. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Golf Cart Ordinance (2013-09): Leslie explained the ordinance. She explained we have an ordinance providing for the mobility devices and golf carts. This ordinance contains registration information and the $10 processing fee; as well as an ID number for each golf cart. Jay Shellabarger motioned to introduce Ordinance 2013-09. Bill Walters-2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas. Jay Shellabarger motioned to suspend the rules to approve Ordinance 2013-09. Bill Walters – 2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas. Jeff Shore motioned to adopt Ordinance 2013-09. Bill Walters – 2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Ordinance 2013-10 – Speed Limit ordinance for Raintree Estates, reducing the speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph. Jeff Shore motioned to introduce 2013-10. Jay Shellabarger – 2nd motion. Motion carried with 5 yeas. Jeff Shore motioned to suspend the rules to adopt Ordinance 2013-10. Jay Shellabarger – 2nd motion. Motion carried with 5 yeas. Jeff Shore motioned to adopt Ordinance 2013-10. Bill Walters – 2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Tax Sale Properties – Commissioners would like to transfer ownership to Daleville. Daleville properties did not sell in the tax sale. The purpose is to help the county and town. Attorney John Brooke informed the council individually by letter in March of the costs involved in acquiring these properties. The cost would be $750/parcel. Some are adjoining properties. The costs would be for both adjoining properties, they would not be charged for individual properties. The town would acquire the properties free and clear of liens. Eaton and Albany have received properties from the commissioners. The cemetery containing the grave of Campbell Dale (founding father of Daleville) would be given to the town by the commissioners. Money would have to come out of EDIT monies. Jay Shellabarger motioned to accept the 10 properties. Bill Walters-2nd the motion. Bill Walters wants to make sure the Town gets the money back it puts into rehabilitating the properties. Steve Selby inquired as to who would be taking care of the properties until they are sold. Jay Shellabarger withdrew his motion. Jay then made a new motion. Jay Shellabarger motioned the council investigate the 10 properties. Jeff Shore 2nd the motion. The list is to be made available to the public. Jeff Shore put forth an example if one of the properties were a toxic dump, the Town would not want to acquire that property. Motion carried with 5 yeas. Jay Shellabarger asked who would investigate. President Roberts stated he had already investigated the properties.

A patron questioned the board about a house on Daleville Road. The front of the house had been mowed, but not the back. Bill Walters stated a letter was sent to the bank, the property will be mowed and a lien put against the property.

It was requested the minutes be put on line, as well as pictures. Discussion ensued about maintaining the website. It was stated there would be discussion about the website at the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:37.

Respectfully submitted,

_____________________________ ________________________________
Amy Roberts, Clerk-Treasurer Thomas D. Roberts, President


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