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May 13, 2013


May 13, 2013, 7:30 pm

President Tom Roberts called the meeting to order at 7:32 pm. An invocation was given by Tom Roberts, followed with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present were Tom Roberts, Bill Walters, Jeff Shore, Jay Shellabarger (arrived after approval of minutes) and Joe Scott.

Jeff Shore motioned to waive the reading and approve the April, 2013 meeting minutes, 2nd by Joe Scott. Motion carried with 4 yeas.

Ordinance 2013-05 – Street Parking Ordinance. Jay Shellabarger motioned to adopt Ordinance 2013-05 – Street Parking Ordinance (with 2 hour restriction in a
24 hour period). Bill Walters -2nd. Discussion ensued about the Ordinance. Motion carried with 5 yeas to approve the ordinance. Signs will be
purchased and put up.


Jeff Shore reported: Cameras for the Water Plant were tabled because of cost. Security audit performed. Improvements were recommended, moving forward with
implementing the improvements recommended. Water disconnects will be done on Tuesday (May 14). No patrons attended the meeting to protest their bill. Kelly
Armonson (formerly with RQAW) made recommendations as to Wellhead Protection (IDEM required).

Port A Pots are in place. Two roll off dumpsters are to be brought in on Thursday for the Daleville Day of Service on May 18, 2013.

Chief King commented on the Incident Report which was e-mailed to all council members. May 17&18 will be active shooter training at the High School. No
outside patrons will be invited because simulation rounds will be used. Bill Walters commented on Nugent’s increased activity. Diesel engine received from
military for free will be used to power a generator for Town Hall for emergency purposes. Chief King is working on getting a generator to use with the

Streets & Garage:
Bill Walters reported the truck was purchased from Sam Pierce, has been lettered running well. The backhoe should be received in about 2 weeks. Purchased a
new mower. Sold the chipper, the back garage is being organized. The Wheel Horse tractor is valued at under $500, may be purchased by a citizen of
Daleville. The book value is $325. President Roberts opened bids for street paving. Bids were submitted with an overall price as well as individual project
pricing. Milestone Paving bid $99,975 for an overall price. Individual projects were bid as well. E&B Paving bid $102,900 for an overall price. E&B
bid individual projects as well. Discussion ensued about money Bill Walters motioned to take the bids under advisement. Jay Shellabarger-2nd.
Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Jay Shellabarger motioned to spend no more than $3,000 for tree trimming. Bill explained that Allen and Brad are cleaning up brush areas, trees in the
Daleville Park area. Brad is contacting DNR as to what brush, etc. can be cleaned out near the river area. Jay retracted the motion to spend no more than
$3,000 on tree trimming. Jay then motioned to spend no more than $3,000 fixing the entrances for the concrete. Discussion ensued as to whether the street
paving bids included bids for the park walkways. Jay requested the millings for the ball park. Bill – 2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas. Jay
Shellabarger motioned to spend no more than $3,000 to upgrade basketball backboards and goals. The park board meeting days and times were discussed.

Tom asked about the Country Critter sign. Danny Ashton stated that the sign would not be going up. There would be one sign for all businesses. He is
working on a monument sign.

The gate on the hill will be removed. Discussion ensued about closing the parks at dusk. Jay Shellabarger motioned to close the parks at dusk. Bill
Walters-2nd. More discussion ensued. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Jay Shellabarger asked about funds for repairing current playground equipment. It was included in the last request for the purchase of the playground
equipment. Jeff Shore brought up the proposal from Tyco for cameras at the park. He suggested Jay look at the proposal. It was decided for all council
members to review the proposal and discuss at a later meeting.

Planning & Zoning:
Joe Scott reported on the request for Overlook Drive to be closed from 4 pm to 7 pm on Friday, May 24 for a Block Party. The P&Z Board voted
unanimously to approve the request and send to Town Board for approval. Joe motioned to approve the request. Jeff Shore – 2nd. Motion carried
with 5 yeas. A complaint was received after the P&Z meeting about clean up of a board which was torn down and not cleaned up. It will be addressed at
the next P&Z meeting.

Mounds Lake Resolution – President Roberts read the Mounds Lake Resolution being adopted by the Town of Daleville. This resolution states that Daleville
supports ad Phase II study, nothing more. Jay Shellabarger motioned to approve Resolution 2013-03. Jeff Shore – 2nd. Discussion ensued about the
reservoir area. The study should be completed in 6 months. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Bill Walters motioned to accept & pay the claim docket, 2nd by Bill Walters. President Roberts pointed out the monies spent on the Community
Meeting with OCRA. Monies were spent to buy pizzas for the meeting to come up with ideas for improving Daleville. Motion carried with 5 yeas.


Larry Crouch from DCRWD spoke about Daleville Sewage Lines. Larry spoke about Daleville previously using TIF money to pay their bond off. He, Bobby Smith,
and one other board member were ready to give Daleville the Wastewater lines. Chesterfield and Anderson then came into the picture. He spoke of Daleville’s
new Council. He stated Daleville does not want DCRWD coming in to put in our new sewer lines to take care of new development occurring around Daleville.
DCRWD put all bonds into one bond, he stated Daleville is paying part of the bonds for the other regions right now since Daleville’s bond is paid off.
Larry mentioned that Brad Real is the “new guy” on the board. Brad came on “when all the snow was falling” on the Desoto project. The DCRWD came to find
out that the Desoto project was put in based on a 30 year old study. The project was needed, but took a lot of effort and a lot of convincing of the people
that they had to have it. Larry also stated as the lake develops and we get new development, Daleville would have growing economic development. He stated
that Daleville would have to provide water and wastewater service. He then stated that when “Jeff and the boys” came over 4 or 5 years ago and tried to get
the rates reduced, Larry mentioned at that time whenever Daleville put meters Daleville residences, wastewater could be measured. Larry stated that he took
the information to a meeting and he got shot down on that. He stated Brad was there when it was brought up. If Daleville takes the wastewater system over,
Larry stated the council would have to find out: how many miles of line we have, how many lift stations we have, number of manholes, go back 3 years and
see what maintenance and repair has been done and the cost involved, need to decide who is going to take care of the lines; who is going to be trained to
maintain the system. When the lift station goes down, someone needs to go out, fix it and reset. Larry was aware of our problem areas in Daleville.
Daleville needs to find out what the current DCRWD board is going to do about it this season. Daleville needs to ask what is planned for the Daleville
system. If there is something planned for the immediate future, let them fix it. He is telling Yorktown the same thing. He suggested we have someone go to
Chesterfield and re-negotiate our flow. He suggested someone from the board or someone appointed go to Chesterfield and re-negotiate our bill. Larry said
that Chesterfield is billing us based on 8,000 to 9,000 gallons per month. He stated the he knows we are not using that much. Larry inquired as to whether
we have all the businesses hooked up and charge them a different amount than residents. He inquired as to whether Chesterfield’s sewer maintenance crew
could manage our system as well. Jay Shellabarger said that was a definite possibility. Jay mentioned he had talked to Jack Taylor on the Chesterfield
Board. Larry said, “between now and September, I know you got 4 members of the 7 member board that would turn this system over to you cost free.” Jay
Shellabarger stated, “we need to do that.” Larry stated Daleville would have to lay some plans between now and then. Right now he has the votes to do that.
Chief King asked what the cost would be to replace the lines that have to be replaced or would Daleville have to go out and get a bond to bond it, to
replace the lines that the DCRWD said they would replace for them. Larry said Daleville would have to do a rate study and we would have to make sure our
rate study is high enough to bring in the income for maintenance and repairs. But if Daleville has a major systems, we would bond it. Chief King also
stated that Daleville’s rates would go back up if the rate has to be raised for a bond. The $47 bill right now would probably go up to $60-$70 if they have
to have lines repaired and get a bond. Larry said, “that’s whether you do it or we do it.” Larry stated Daleville needs to have it’s own entity. President
Roberts stated that right now Daleville is paying $47 and only so much of that is going to Chesterfield, the rest of it is going to DCRWD. President
Roberts believes Daleville has a cushion. Chief King stated that DCRWD is not giving Daleville the lines because it cost so much money. DCRWD should be
coming in and fixing the lines. Bill Walters stated the the money that lowered the bond came from the TIF district. He also stated that Chesterfield
negotiated with DCRWD, it was out of our hands because we lost our rights to the lines because we couldn’t maintain them in the past. Mr. Walters stated he
doesn’t see where “we have a spot at the table. We didn’t have a spot at the table during the negotiations when they went into the 20 year agreement, we
didn’t have a spot at the table when they went to the bond, and when we looked into it, no one paid us any attention. They have already made an agreement
with DCRWD. I have been to Chesterfield, they didn’t want to hear nothing out of us. I guess I have a hard time understanding where we even have a spot at
the table.” Larry Crouch stated, “I’m giving you a spot at the table.” Jay Shellabarger stated, “We want the spot.” Bill Walters stated DCRWD will give us
a spot at the table, but all the lines that need repaired and they did a smoke test and they are still coming in to repair things now, manpower and tax
dollars. We are running a town right now on a $465,000 budget-coming up with the extra money. We have residents that we have worked a bill from an $87 bill
down to a $47 bill and now we will jack it right back up if we take over the lines and still have to have an agreement with Chesterfield. They will be
treating the water. I want to know where is the win. The only win I see is DCRWD is dumping the lines on us and we have to fend for ourselves after that.
Jay Shellabarger mentioned if Daleville continues to have DCRWD control the lines, we are going to pay DCRWD plus that. He stated we take the lines.
President Roberts asked Mr. Crouch to continue. Mr. Crouch continued: Daleville and Yorktown is paying for Royerton and Desoto. Part of Daleville money
will be going to that. Nothing can be done about that. The thing Mr. Crouch is concerned about is who will maintain the lines. He suggested an OCRA grant
for wastewater, as well as a SRF (3% interest). Mr. Crouch was looking at our future as far as the Mounds Lake Project. He believes developers will be
coming in to build around the lake, and someone will have to provide the services and it doesn’t need to be DCRWD. Someone will have to provide water and
sewage lines for houses that are built. Mr. Crouch stated Daleville had to make a decision as to whether we wanted to take over the system or “let it
ride.” He stated he knows that there are problem spots in Daleville. He stated Yorktown relined the damaged pipes with material that is blown down through
the pipes, sealing the pipes, covering a 6 inch gap. He stated it was reasonably priced. Any work DCRWD has scheduled, let it happen. The votes will not be
there as people are replaced on the board. If we take over the pipes, we no longer have an obligation to pay money on the current bond. Larry stated he is
bringing Brad up to speed on things, since he is new to the board.

Sanitation charges on unoccupied or abandoned homes – Discussion ensued. No trash pick- up on property with no residence. Liens can be placed on unpaid
sanitation fees. Jay Shellabarger motioned for sanitation fees to be billed on all residences. Quarterly liens will be filed against homes with unpaid
balances. Joe Scott – 2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Best Interest of the Town Ordinance 2013-06 – Jay Shellabarger motioned to introduce Ordinance 2013-06. Bill Walters-2nd. Motion to introduce
carried with 5 yeas. Jay Shellabarger motioned to suspend the rules to approve Ordinance 2013-06. Bill Walters-2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas.
Jay Shellabarger motioned to adopt Ordinance 2013-06. Bill Walters-2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance 2013-07 – Jay Shellabarger motioned to introduce Ordinance 2013-07. Bill Walters-2nd. Discussion ensued. This
ordinance states fines for offenses. Motion carried with 5 yeas. Jay Shellabarger motioned to suspend the rules to approve Ordinance 2013-07. Bill Walters
-2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas. Jay Shellabarger motioned to approve Ordinance 2013-07. Bill Walters-2nd. Motion carried with 5

Resolution 2013-04-Daleville Road Project Condemnation – Bill Walters motioned to accept Resolution 2013-04. Jay Shellabarger-2nd. Discussion
ensued. Any costs incurred related to this is being covered by other monies-not Town funds. Breaking ground will hopefully occur in July. Motion to approve
carried with 5 yeas.

Jeff Shore mentioned the letter written from a Daleville resident of Raintree Estates. Manhole covers which are in the yard. The letter has been sent to
Max Abrell concerning the problems with the manhole covers. We have been made aware that the letter was sent to DCRWD.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

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