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April 8th, 2013


April 8, 2013, 7:30 pm

President Tom Roberts called the meeting to order at 7:34 pm. An invocation was given by Tom Roberts, followed with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present were Tom Roberts, Bill Walters, Jeff Shore, Jay Shellabarger and Joe Scott.

Jay Shellabarger motioned to waive the reading and approve the March 18, 2013 meeting minutes, 2nd by Bill Walters. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

President Roberts announced the Public Meetings for the Mounds Lake Reservoir Project. Chesterfield will hold a meeting on April 16 at 7:30 pm. Daleville
will hold a meeting at 7:30 on April 23 at Daleville High School.

Leslie Mathewson gave information on Ordinance 2013-05 – Street Parking Ordinance. She gave the different options available to the board to deal with the
parking issue. Jay Shellabarger introduced Ordinance 2013-05 – Street Parking Ordinance. Bill Walters -2nd. Discussion ensued about the
Ordinance. Motion carried with 5 yeas to introduce the ordinance.


Joe Scott has two roll off dumpsters set for the Daleville Day of Service is May 18, 2013. There is a possibility of getting a third dumpsters as well.
Port A Pots were to be delivered to the parks, he is following up on that. They will be ADA compliant.

Officer Hicks reported the new black unmarked car was up and going. Within 2 days of the car being out on patrol, Chief King and Officer Hicks witnessed a
drug deal resulting in an arrest of 3 people on felonies. The car is serving it’s purpose all ready. Brad Real did a great job on the lights on the cars.

Jeff Shore reported on a complaint from citizen in Raintree Estates. Speeding between 32 and Co. Rd. 900. They asked for beefed up controls and change
speed limit to 25 mph. Discussion ensued on changing the speed limit in the addition to 25 mph.

Past Due accounts were discussed. Cameras were discussed at the water treatment plant. A data drop is needed for the cameras. Water Board approved to sign
agreement to put cameras in at water plant. Two cameras, both outside. One for the door and one on the tower. $1,737.90 one time payment and $468/year.
More discussion will continue and decision will be made next month on further cameras/card swipe for Water Plant and Town Hall.

Streets & Garage:
New truck for the Street Department. Bill obtained 3 bids: Ed Martin- ¾ ton with 6 ft. V plow-$25,038.91; Stoops- Same vehicle-$25,339.11; Sam Pierce-Same
vehicle-$25,333.56. Those are 2013 vehicles. Bill found a 2012 Truck that is available. Sam Pierce has a 2012 vehicle fully loaded: auto door locks,
electric rear window de-fogger, camper style interior, mirrors, etc. Discounts and all $23,500. Bill motioned to purchase 2012 ¾ Ton from Sam Pierce for
$25,333.56. Jay Shellabarger – 2nd. The brown flatbed and white ford trucks will be traded for the purchased vehicle. Money will be used out of
EDIT for the purchase of the truck. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Bill Walters motioned to spend no more than $1,400 for a laser for the Street Departments to properly put the slope on drains for drainage when working on
drains. Jay Shellabarger – 2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Jeff Shore questioned if we had a list of streets for paving. Bill stated he already has the streets needing paving. He will be obtaining bids next month
and will have an idea of what streets we can afford to do.

Jay Shellabarger reported the playground equipment is installed. We are waiting on touch-up paint for touching up the equipment. It is on order. Jay is
also working on repairs on existing playground equipment, should not be more than $500. Jay reported that 3 loads of pea gravel was put down at the park.
Park Department will meet at 6 pm on April 23 at the Daleville Town Board. Jerry Anderson, Joe Owens and Mark Hale make up the Park Board.

Planning & Zoning:
BZA recommended that the Planning and Zoning Board approve the replatting of the Dale Harker Center. The Planning & Zoning Board approved it. The Town
Board needs to approve it also. A representative from Ashton Surveying discussed the Dale Harker Center platting. The initial platting process was started,
but not finished. The Dale Harker Center is now complete with the platting process. Joe Scott motioned to approve the application to plat the Dale Harker
Center. Jay Shellabarger – 2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Jay Shellabarger motioned to accept & pay the claim docket, 2nd by Joe Scott. Motion carried with 5 yeas.


Jeff Shore reported that the last time a phone system was purchased was in 1997. It was purchased used. Jeff Shore motioned to approve the purchase of a
new phone system. Jay Shellabarger – 2nd. Samsung – installed by Bill Shufflebarger – for a total amount of $2,970.00. Motion carried with 5
yeas. Jeff Shore suggested getting an extra handset.

2013-04 – Animal Control Ordinance. Jay Shellabarger motioned to approve Ordinance 2013-04. Bill Walters – 2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Daleville Day of Service – May 18, 2013 – Ben Fisher asked to contact him if they know of a need of a senior citizen in the community. Jay Shellabarger
offered to donate 4 cases of water.

Erin Scott reported that the Little League Opening Day is Saturday, May 4. There will be a Lions Club Breakfast, Parade, followed by the Opening Day
festivities at the ballpark.

Day of Shredding on April 13, 2013 – Rick Shellabarger in charge. Shredding with a donation to the Methodist Church Food Pantry.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

_____________________________ ________________________________

Amy Roberts, Clerk-Treasurer Thomas D. Roberts, Pre

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