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October 15, 2012

President Tom Roberts called the meeting to order at 7:34 pm. An invocation was given by Tom Roberts, followed with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present were Tom Roberts, Bill Walters, Jay Shellabarger, Jeff Shore and Joe Scott. Leslie Mathewson, Attorney representative was also present.

Jay Shellabarger motioned to waive the reading of the September, 2012 Council Meeting Minutes and accept the minutes as written. Motion 2nd by Bill Walters. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Jay Shellabarger motioned to waive the reading of the Special Meeting Minutes of September 24, 2012 and accept the minutes as written. Motion 2nd by Bill Walters. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Twenty-five people have signed up for ACH to pay water bills. President Roberts commented that the ACH bill payment for water payment has been going very well.

Old Business:

Joe Scott will be checking into extra trash pick up for next Spring.


Phil Peckinpaugh and Sarah Beech from the City of Muncie Animal Control explained the possibility of Daleville joining with the City of Muncie for animal control. Ms. Beach explained how the City of Muncie consolidated animal control with the county. Under the inter-local agreement, the Animal Shelter is not allowed to respond to any incorporated towns calls for stray animal pick up. They are therefore approaching incorporated towns to utilize the same service. Mr. Shore asked about responding to calls in the county, didn’t understand why Daleville would not be included in county calls. Ms. Beach explained that Animal Control responds to calls to the unincorporated parts of the county. Mr. Shore asked why since Daleville pays the same amount of tax that the county does. Ms. Beach explained that it is not part of the intra-local agreement. President Roberts asked how much we presently pay for dog pick up. The clerk informed him that Critter Control is used and the Town pays $160/animal picked up. The Town then is responsible for collecting that money from the owner of the animal, if the owner is located. Mr. Peckinpaugh pointed out that there are some state statutes that Daleville is not following at this time; such as rabies control, quarantine times, etc. Mr. Peckinpaugh explained different possible solutions for Daleville. He explained what is place for Yorktown. Daleville could recoup the cost charged by Animal Control because Daleville has an ordinance in place against dogs running at large. Major Hicks explained that Daleville does not have a place to hold aggressive animals. Critter Control does not respond promptly to calls. Animal Control responds to the call immediately, probably be here in 20 minutes. The service is a 24/7, 365 day service. Bill Walters suggested we have Animal Control draw up a proposal. Animal Control will get a proposal to the clerk for the board to review. The first year proposal will be for one year only. Mr. Peckinpaugh agreed to get information to Mr. Walters concerning state statutes Daleville could be violating. Animal Control will be sending copies of other town ordianances on Animal Control. Animal Control will pick up dogs as well as cats.


Planning & Zoning: Jay Shellabarger reported on moving the sign at Country Critters. Tom Roberts and Jay Shellabarger met with Dr. Eddleman about the moving of the sign. Dr. Eddleman had an idea to reduce the cost to the Town. Jay Shellabarger brought up the question of the cement presently holding the sign, whether it needs to be disposed of or not. The sign will be moved to the correct location, using metal sleeves or similar method. Mr. Walters agreed to the type of installation.

Mr. Shellabarger reported that the new building was moving along fine. Plans for the grocery store on Walnut have been viewed by our building commissioner and the contractor has purchased the necessary building permits. The ditch behind town hall was cleaned of weeds, it is scheduled to be dredged.

Sanitation: No complaints. He will be checking about the extra trash pick-up.

Police: Bill Walters reported that Mr. John Wright will be donating an electric scooter to the Town. The scooter has 55 to 85 mile range. The scooter should be here at the next meeting.

The scooter will be formally accepted at the next meeting.

The police department has received a grant from Insight for 3 new computers and 3 printers.

Operation Christmas collected $4,500 from the boot drive and AutumnFest which is double what they did the year before. Operation Christmas will be able to reach out further than they did last year. Trick or Treat hours are 5-8 pm on October 31.

Water: Jeff Shore requested input from the Town Board and the citizens. Water access to the new shell building was initially going to cost $12,000. Allen & Brad figured out a way to reduce the cost to approximately $2,000 to $3,000. Water Board approved spending up to $4,000 to get service to the customer. Mr. Shore forwarded the ordinance to the attorney to look at possibly changing the ordinance so that incoming businesses shares some of the cost for water access. Mr. Shore reviewed the rates charged by the water department. He stated that water rates have not increased for 19 years. During this time, the cost of chemicals and utilities have increased. The Water Board looked at 2 things: a possible $2/month per customer or increase the rates by 10%. President Roberts stated that he felt it should be a user fee: use more, pay more. James Spencer (Water Board Member) stated that 10% would only raise a bill .15 for every 750 gallons. Mr. Shore is looking for $25,000 more/year. He stated he would have to do research to determine the cost. Mr. Shellabarger stated that there has been pumps replaced, for $16,000 to $18,000; $10,000 for a study to see if Daleville had enough water; the system has been revamped on the way the meters are read also. There is upcoming maintenance due on the water tower. Mr. Scott stated that a 10% rate increase sounded fair, a percentage increase is the most fair. A public hearing will have to be held and the Water Board would have to be present to decide on the increase. A resident stated that there could be a combination of a rate increase (percentage) as well as a maintenance fee.

Streets & Garage: Bill Walters reported on a broom for the Bobcat. There is not a broom available for the Bobcat. There is a plow available for $2,046.50, $500 to install. Jay Shellabarger requested the information for clearing sidewalks. James Spencer inquired as to whether the Bobcat, since it was purchased for the Water Department, would be used for the Street Department. Jeff Shore didn’t see why the Bobcat couldn’t be used for shoveling sidewalks. Mr. Shellabarger was concerned about the safety of the children and elderly people who cannot maintain their sidewalks. James Spencer inquired if the Bobcat breaks down whether the town is to fix it or the water department to fix it. Mr. Walters explained the reason for the request, elderly people in the town were concerned about the state statute about homeowners required to keep the sidewalk in front of their home clear of snow. Mr. Walters stated that he is looking into equipment replacement.

The Street Department has been cleaning up 32 from the interstate toward town. It is looking very well.

Bill Walters made a motion to increase Brad Real’s wage from $10.57/hr to $13/hr effective immediately. Jeff Shore second. Salary Ordinance 12-01(a). The motion passed with 5 yeas.

Daleville Road Project – Meeting was held with the residents of Daleville Road. Mr. Walters reported there were mixed reviews. Mr. Walters is planning to talk to each resident individually. The majority of the residents are for the sidewalk project. He will then review with the attorney what our options are. Joe Scott volunteered to help Mr. Walters talk to residents along Daleville Road.

Resident Rex Jordan commended Bill Walters for his work on the Daleville Sidewalk Project. He commented that Bill did an excellent job of keeping everything neutral during the meeting. He was given a round of applause.

Joe Scott brought up the letter from Bill Rievely wanting to trade equipment. Mr. Rievely would like to trade items for a snow blade. The question was brought to the attorney. Mr. Rievely originally offered $450 for the snow blade. The attorney will review and it will be revisited at the November meeting.

Parks: Bids are coming in for new backboards at the park. Previous board approved $1,000 for the project. The bids coming in are for more than $1,000. Pictures have been taken of the playground equipment and sent off for appraisal for insurance.

Port A Pots will be picked up at the end of November.

Jay Shellabarger reported that Jarden will be donating $100 to the park. They had a picnic at Shellabarger Park and enjoyed it.

Clerk: Jay Shellabarger inquired about a bill from RQAW for Rule 13. Jay Shellabarger made a motion to accept the claim docket. 2nd by Jeff Shore. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

New Business:

Will Statem spoke on the deconsolidation of Delaware County.

2013 Salary Ordinance – Jay Shellabarger motioned to accept the ordinance. Bill Walters 2nd the motion. Discussion ensued on the salary of the building commissioner. Building commissioner will receive 100% of fees up to $9,000. President Roberts brought up the change of salary for the Chairman of Planning and Zoning. The change will be: A salary will only be paid if the President of Planning and Zoning is NOT a Town Board Member. Mr. Shore suggested Marilyn keeping the minutes and earning comp. time. The Board President stated that it would be an option for Marilyn. Mr. Shellabarger brought up the salary of the Planning & Zoning President. He asked for clarification of the payment of the salary of $1,200 for the P&Z President and the salary of the P&Z secretary. Mr. Shellabarger stated the previous P&Z President, Jeff Shore was paid $1,200 the whole time, and the secretary was paid the entire time. Mr. Shellabarger stated that’s not what we are doing, we are staying on the path we are now. Whoever runs Planning and Zoning gets paid $1,200. President Roberts stated that if the person was a non-town board member, the person would get paid $1,200. He stated again, that it was a recommendation from the Town Board President. He stated it could be eliminated if the board did not want to do that. Mr. Shellabarger stated that was not what was agreed upon in a previous meeting. Mr. Walters stated it was not agreed upon in a meeting. It was an open discussion in the meeting. Mr. Shore stated that the Town Council President puts in a considerable amount of time and gets no extra money. Mr. Shellabarger questioned Mr. Shore on how long he was paid the $1,200. Mr. Shore stated 2 years, Jerry Anderson before that. Mr. Shellabarger asked Mr. Shore if it was fair to take the $1,200 out. Mr. Shore stated that what he thought was unfair is what the Town Council President has to do. President Roberts stated that as Town Council President, he was not making the change because of that. Mr. Shore stated he understood that. President Roberts stated that Bill Walters has put in 2 times more time in than he has. Mr. Walters stated that the council needed to focus on what they need to do. Budget cuts have been made. We need to move forward, put our forecast out there, doesn’t mean it can’t be brought back. Mr. Shore then stated that typically in the past, the work that Mr. Walters is doing, it would be the Town Council President doing the work, or a retired person would do the work because they had the opportunity to do the work. President Roberts stated that if everyone doesn’t agree, it could be voted down. A recommendation could be made to eliminate that verbage. President Roberts wanted it to be upfront to everyone, that everyone is aware of it. Mr. Shellabarger stated it wasn’t stated before he made the motion. President Roberts stated that discussion couldn’t happen until after the motion was made. Discussion ensued about changing time comp time can be used because we now have 2 employees. Another change was comp time has to be used by June 30. Discussion ensued on whether June 30 or March 31 could be used. Ms. Matthewson is going to check the validity of the June 30 date. The Salary Ordinance will be voted on as is, the date will be checked on by the attorney. The motion carried with 4 yeas with Shellabarger voting nay.

2013 Budget – All updates are on the budget: 2% increase for all employees (excluding board), PERF @ 13%, Building Commissioner change, questioning the fire protection, it would be corrected for final budget. Jeff Shore motioned to accept 2013 budget, Bill Walters 2nd. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Steve Selby commended all departments of the town for their help during AutumnFest.

Ms. Matthewson brought up the Street Lights on Innovation Drive. The new Sugar Oaks property manager inquired as to why they would be paying the street lights for a public street. Mr. Shore stated the 1996 Board and 1992 Board gave $125,000 to help build the building. As part of the agreement, the original owners wanted a special type of light for Innovation Drive. The agreement was the owners would pay for the special lights. Discussion ensued on ownership of the street, changing the name of the street, etc. The cost of replacing the lightbulbs. Ms. Matthewson will continue researching the light situation.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

_____________________________ _____________________________

Amy Roberts, Clerk-Treasurer Thomas D. Roberts, President

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