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August 13, 2012

President Tom Roberts called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm. An invocation was given by Tom Roberts, followed with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Present were Tom Roberts, Bill Walters, Jeff Shore, Jay Shellabarger and Joe Scott.

Jay Shellabarger motioned to waive the reading of the July 9, 2012 Special Meeting Minutes and accept the minutes as written. Motion 2nd by Bill Walters. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Jay Shellabarger motioned to waive the reading of the July 9, 2012 Council Meeting Minutes and accept the minutes as written. Motion 2nd by Bill Walters. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Old Business:

Daleville Road Sidewalk Project –
Bill Walters reported the sidewalk project is on hold. He is reviewing a drawing from Jeremy Slater from Ashton Surveyors on the right-of-ways on Daleville Road. The original contract stated 15 feet on each side, existing right-of-way. After talking to Jeremy we have meets and bounds, 15 feet of right-of-way, and storm sewer water is outside of the sidewalk as the current drawing is. With the storm sewer lines where they are, we have to have access to it to maintain it. It will not work with the plan as drawn, the lines either have to be under the sidewalk. James was with the Redevelopment Commission today, and until Mr. Walters can speak to Mr. Donatti the project is on hold until the issues can be clarified. Mr. Cantrell apologized for his harsh statements during the bid opening process. Mr. Walters wants to make sure the project is done properly. Mr. Walters stated he will not sign off on the project until it is done properly.


Police: Chief King asked the board if they had any questions about the activity report. Chief King reported on Nugent’s activity as well.

Mr. Walters reported on purchasing police cars. The 2013 cars and the prices are as follows:

Chevrolet Caprice -$26,432
Chevrolet Impala – $29,043.20
Chevrolet Tahoe – $26,642
Dodge – $23,965.30

Bill Walters met with the County Commissioners gave Daleville permission to purchase 2 vehicles out of the EDIT fund. Bill Walters motioned to buy 2 – 2013 Tahoes. Second by Jay Shellabarger. Jeff Shore inquired to the gas mileage between the Tahoes and Caprices. Discussion followed as to the vehicles. The original price of the Tahoe was approximately $39,000. The Town is being given a generous price break on a very good vehicle. Past Town history with a Tahoe has been very good, the vehicle has been very reliable. We currently have a Tahoe in the police fleet and it has needed little to no extra maintenance. The cars that would no longer be in use would be stripped and sold. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Bill Walters motioned to spend no more than $20,000 to equip the new vehicles. This includes lights, radar, everything to equip the new vehicles. The monies would come from the EDIT Fund. Delivery of the vehicles should be 6-8 weeks. Motion carried with 5 yeas. Brad Real will install lights and equipment on vehicles.

Clerk: Jay Shellabarger motioned to accept the claim docket. 2nd by Jeff Shore. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Streets & Garage: LICA is working on the re-pavement. No issues as to date. Millings will be taken to the ballpark and spread at ballpark. Jake Street has been cut and should be completed soon as well as other streets scheduled. New truck is here and ready to be worked on. Both swirls have been installed on Atlee Street. October 17, 2012- Employee Safety Classes at Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville. Bill Walters would like to send 2 employees to the classes. Classes are free. Bids are in for the recoating of the asphalt.

Sanitation: No complaints or comments.

Water: Discussed financial reserves. Significant expenditures has lowered the reserves in the Water. Currently there is an $8 pit charge. Water fees have not been raised since 1996. Jeff Shore suggested looking at a $2-$3 per month surcharge to be added to the meter pit fee or a separate line item for the fee. No decision has been made by the Water Board. Mr. Shore reported that 30 meters have been replaced. Neptune system up and running well. Discussion proceeded about the Shell Gas Station which houses Shell Gas Station and any restaurant. Discussion included a placing a pit in the rear of the building for the irrigation water only. The other option would be placing a pit in the front of the building with a meter, if DCRW would recognize the reading from the meter. Mike Melbourne is supposed to be checking with DCRW to see if they will take that reading. Our attorney is investigating whether we can put a meter pit out front. Jeff Shore is informing Mr. Melbourne that he is free to put a meter in his pit and take the readings to DCRW for any adjustments to his sewer bill.

Park Board is in the process of doing an inventory of picnic tables and equipment. American Legion built the previous picnic tables, when they get the count, they will check if they can be built. Insurance cap needs to be changed on playground equipment. Bill Walters suggested a company named Game Time for playground equipment. Joe Scott e-mailed Madison County Council of Governments-Rachel. The Park Board will speak to her about expanding the parks. Residents presented many possible ideas, including a water park similar to Middletown Park.

Planning & Zoning: Five property complaints. Letters are being sent to owners. Joe mentioned 14313 Wayne Street for weeds. Kelly Getts property – Tom is talking to him. Research is being done to see what business license he has. The property is in his sister’s name. She would have to be contacted as well. Tom Roberts will talk to Kelly Getts about the property, license, etc.

New Business:

Jeff Shore motioned to accept Resolution 2012-04 cutting the 2012 budget by $200,000. Bill Walters second. Motion carried with 5 yeas.

Speed Limit changes on 4th, 5th, & 6th Streets. To lower to 20 mph would require an Engineering & Traffic Study which would be costly to the town. At this time, the council can lower the speed limit to 25 mph without a traffic study.

Jay Shellabarger motioned to introduce Ordinance 2012-10 to reduce speed limit to 25 mph. Bill Walters second. Motion passed with 5 yeas. Jay Shellabarger motioned to suspend the rules for Ordinance 2012-10. Motion passed with 5 yeas. Bill Walters second. Jay Shellabarger motioned to adopt Ordinance 2012-10. Bill Walters second. Motion passed with 5 yeas.

Curbside recycling was discussed. It was determined that residents have recycling available at Town Hall once a month and that is cost efficient at this time.

Drainage on Berry Street and John Street are next on the list to be fixed. Residents expressed concern of water standing on Lynn Street. Bill Walters was checking into the Lynn Street problem.

Burn Ban for Delaware County was still in effect.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

_____________________________ ________________________________
Amy Roberts, Clerk-Treasurer Thomas D. Roberts, President

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